How to do a sustainable tourism

In MOVE, we help you to do sustainable tourism in any of our destinations such as Barcelona,
Madrid, Marbella, Seville, Bilbao or Costa del Sol, among others.

Travelling and respecting the environment are absolutely compatible concepts. You will enjoy
different activities with your team above different towns in Spain.

Don’t miss out on this plan! We create team building and cultural and sustainable activities in Spain

If you are looking for team building and sustainable activities or events for your company, we
propose a big range and we promote changes of habits to take care of the planet in a creative,
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We help to you improve the art of team working so as everyone will be integrated and feel part
of a team with the purpose of fulfilling the performance and motivation.

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Sustainable trips in Spain

We create different team activities that will approach all the members of your company to keep in touch and enjoy nature. These activities will make you relish the flora and fauna of the place, so they will need to work together to achieve goals in common.

100 % sustainable experiences in Spain

Explore Spain diversity and discover the different conservation initiatives that preserve and take care of the environment. Get in touch with the most savage fauna, attend ecological festivals or savour the local gastronomy.

Tours and excursions

If you want to know the relation between the flora and the land, you can enjoy places such asValle de Tabladillo, Segovia; National Park of Cabañeros, Toledo and Ciudad Real; or Sierra de Guadarrama National Park… and feel the experience of regarding neolithic caves or medieval bridges accompanied by guides.
Unique and sustainable experiences in which you could discover natural treasures on horseback. Galloping through grasslands and valleys where you and your team will be able to connect and feel free, so as to discover out-of-the way places all over Spain.

Ecotourism in Balearic Islands

Majorca, Minorca, Ibiza, Formentera and Cabrera archipelago rely on a natural area network that is part of the European Natura 2000 network.

They are some of the best places to enjoy gastronomy, traditional culture and to discover scuba diving.


Sustainable trips in Costa del Sol

Sustainability is one of the main points in tourism in Costa del Sol. Since 2019, it relies on the national certification of Destino Turístico Inteligente (Intelligent Tourist Destination).
Councils such as Nerja, that fulfills some of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG): to protect, to re-establish and to promote the use of terrestrial ecosystems. Its strategic location, surrounded by mountains and leaning out above the cliffs from the Natural Park of Maro-Cerro Gordo, makes it one of the most popular destinations.
Projects like Senda Litoral contribute to a more sustainable tourism in the Province of Málaga (making it accessible on foot or by bike) and to protect fauna and marine species. As a result, SDG are fulfilled.
Is it possible to be cosmopolitan and sustainable? The answer is “yes”! Marbella is a good example, a cosmopolitan city considered as a “Smart City”. It controls atmospheric pollution, lights the streets with led lights and has various tours to go through the city on foot. Besides, it is the perfect combination of sea, beach and mountain.

Have you ever wondered how to organise sustainable tourism and discover all these places?
In MOVE, we commit to help you and optimise your time and your budget. Consult us!

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